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Hi guys!

For those of you who were present at the ElggCamp > for Developers! and for those who could not be there last Wednesday 11th of May, our good friend and Elgg’s tech lead, Brett Profitt, upload his presentation right here!

Notice that you will find a lot of tips, links and ideas in how to work with Elgg’s code! If you want to contact Brett for questions or anything, you’ll find his profile at the Elgg’s Community > Here! :)

Also HERE is the report for the plugin we wrote for the live coding session, take a look!.

We will be waiting for your comments!
ElggCamp Santiago Team

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Elgg, the Elgg Community and the Elgg Foundation from Brett Profitt


This post is not only for all the people that couldn’t assist to both the StartUp Chile Meetup or the ElggCamp Santiago, this is also for that who assisted but want more information!

Let us introduce to you, again, to our friend and colleague Brett Profitt. Here are the videos he taped for the StartUp Chile Meetup. Be our guest….

Brett Introduction

Elgg History

Elgg 1.8

Elgg Community

The Elgg Foundation

Hope you enjoy this videos as much as we do! We appreciated very much Brett’s effort and time, not only he improvised these videos recording but also he’s been available via skype call to respond all questions from the Meetup audience, thanks Brett, you rocked it!
We will be expecting for your comments :)

Best Regards,
The ElggCamp Santiago Team!

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Extra! Extra! ElggCamp Stgo en la prensa!

Agradecemos a los siguientes sitios que publicaron en newsletters y blogs sobre el evento y los invitamos a leer un poco las repercusiones del mismo:

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Posts in English
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Gracias a todos por los comentarios positivos! Si conoces alguna otra publicación que no está, déjanos el link en un comment.


El Equipo de ElggCamp Santiago.

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